Event Management System (EMS) is the way for the campus community to see what is happening on campus AND the way to schedule space for your campus events.

If you are not familiar with the EMS system, please click on this link for instructions, policies and setup styles: http://www.lamission.edu/roomreservation/

To View Scheduled Events:
Use the "Browse" link at the top of the page to browse for a specific event using the filter tools provided.  You can search by browsing date/building, event name, or event type (such as academic events, meetings or workshops).

To Schedule an Event:
You must have an EMS account before requesting a space for your event.  Once you have an EMS account, click on My Account, log in and follow the instructions provided on the pages by the Event Management System.

To Create a EMS account:
To request an EMS account, you must be a Mission College or District employee or authorized to be a signer by a Mission College employee.  Your request to be a user will be pending until it is reviewed by a Event Management System (EMS) Coordinator.  You will not receive an email confirmation that your account has been approved. However, you will notice that when you browse the website, you will see that the Reservations option now appears on the menu. After you login, you select Room Request to begin the reservation process.

Important Notes!

* A space may appear open, but please be aware that other pending requests do not appear for public view.
* It is important that you recognize that this system is for REQUESTING space, not reserving space.  You will receive a confirmation after the Event Management System (EMS) Coordinator has had an opportunity to review your request.